Hardy Rib/AG Panel 3ft Inside Solid Closure Foam w/Glue

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  • 1pc Inside closure for Hardy Rib Panel (3/4″ tall, 9″ on center major ribs)
  • Has adhesive on the bottom side of the closure.

Free Shipping at 100 pcs. to the Lower 48 States.

9483 in stock (additional quantities ship from MFG.)

Inner Closure Strips for Metal Roofing Hardy Rib/Ag Panels 9 inch on center major ribs (Tuff Rib, MasterRib, Hardy Rib, Econo Rib, Pro Rib, Classic Rib, Ultra2000, Grand Rib III, ShelterGuard, etc.)
  • Designed to close gaps in roof & sidewall applications. Material is pre-cut to conform to metal panel configurations.
  • Applications include closing the openings at the eave (gutter-line of a building).
  • 1.8 lb. Density polyethylene foam is designed to withstand harsh weather elements including moisture & ultraviolet rays.
  • Interlocking dovetails provide a secure end to-end fit, eliminating any potential gaps
  • 3ft in Length 
  • 9 inch on center major ribs
  • Glue Strip on the bottom side


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