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Metal Roofing Shingles: Future of Roofing

Painted and Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Roser Roofing Systems

Since 1978, Roser has become one of the leading manufacturers of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems and holds a majority of the market share in the worldwide residential and commercial sectors. Roser's stone-coated roofing systems are available in various styles and colors. With easy-to-install, lightweight, and energy-efficient products, Roser is an excellent choice for your new stone-coated steel roof.

Unified Steel Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Unified Steel Roofing offers stone coated steel shingles in five unique profiles, ranging from the graceful curves of the BARREL-VAULT Tile and PACIFIC Tile, to the deep wood grain of the PINE-CREST Shake, the sleek profile of the GRANITE-RIDGE Shingle and the timeless beauty of the COTTAGE Shingle.

METSTAR Steel Shingles

If you know roofing, you know that Metal is the future of roofing. Metstar offers the best smooth metal roofing technology available anywhere, all with a lifetime warranty!

Edco Permanent Metal Roofing

Since 1946 EDCO has redefined siding and roofing with unmatched innovation and quality. EDCO is synonymous with superior steel roofs and siding products that save time, save energy and retain their quality and consistency beautifully.

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