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Hardy Rib Exposed Fastener Panels

The Hardy Rib Panel is very affordable as a siding option for your barn or garage. We stock (in coil form) 16 colors for the Hardy Rib Panel. This panel carries a 40-yr Paint and Lifetime Steel Warranty.

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Hardy Flush Wall Siding/Soffit

The Hardy Flush Wall panel is an extremely versatile steel panel and is a great way to complete your steel roofing or siding project. The HardyFW panel can be used as a flush wall siding, soffit, under deck, or interior liner option, which gives you that finished and complete look for your project.

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Hardy V-Groove Steel Soffit

Hardy V-Groove Steel Soffit offers the traditional soffit look with the strength and beauty of steel. Hardy Steel soffit is the perfect addition or finishing touch to your steel roofing and siding project. Hardy Steel Soffit can be made vented or solid depending on your specifications.

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1-1/4 Corrugated

With the reputation of strong ridges and uncompromising stability, the 1 ¼ Corrugated metal panel is the preferred option for professionals who value a low margin with exceptional quality. Versatile in industry applications, 1 ¼ Corrugated endures with durability.

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PBR-Panel (Commercial)

PBR/R panel is a low-profile roofing and wall panel that can be applied over open framing or solid substrate. This panel is made for commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a 26 gauge steel substrate to ensure a strong barrier from the elements.

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EDCO Steel Siding

Steel siding from EDCO provides a natural, elegant style to your home. Our proprietary ENTEX® finish is available in unlimited color options to give you the ultimate combination of style and quality.

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Gentek Steeltek Supreme™ Steel Siding

Quality-crafted with attention to detail, Steeltek Supreme Steel Siding products by Gentek merge exceptional beauty and strength with the opulence of a low-maintenance finish.

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Gentek SteelSide™ Steel Siding

Expertly crafted with attention to detail, SteelSide beautifully conveys the timeless appeal of freshly painted clapboard. Its deep, rich colors embellished with an authentic woodgrain texture will lend the perfect measure of refinement to your home, while the heavy-duty steel construction delivers unmatched protection.

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Gentek Universal™ Steel Siding

Featuring two classic profile designs, Universal conveys the traditional warmth and charm of a freshly painted wood finish while wrapping your home in a rugged steel exterior. And when you consider the punishing weather and other hazards your home must endure, you’ll see why this premium steel siding is an excellent choice.

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Hardy 5″ and 6″ K-Style Steel Gutter | Steel Gutter Coil

Traditionally K-style gutter systems are made from thin aluminum. If you are living in snow country when your steel roof sheds the snow it will also take the thin aluminum gutters with it. When you upgrade to our steel gutter system that problem is no more. Steel gutter systems have been used on commercial and industrial buildings for decades. Now you can get the same strength as a commercial or industrial gutter system with the look of a traditional K-style gutter system.

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