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Hidden Fastener Metal Roof Panels

Hidden Fastener Panels

Mid-Michigan Metal Sales in Michigan is proud to offer you our line of quality hidden fastener metal roof panels. Our new roofing materials provide superior corrosion resistance, a sleek fit for your building exterior, and the durability needed to ensure longevity in all types of climates and weather conditions. The design of our replacement roofing panels also ensures that no exposed screws or fasteners are visible, providing a clean and modern look for your roofline.

The hidden fastener metal roofing panels from Mid-Michigan Metal Sales are designed to provide superior protection against the elements. Our panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find an ideal fit for whatever building size or shape you need. We also offer several color options to ensure your building complements the surrounding landscape.

Our hidden fastener metal roof panels are perfect for any type of commercial or residential project. Whether you’re looking to update an existing structure or have an entirely new roof installed, our metal roof panels will provide the quality and reliability you need. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, making them a great option for DIYers and professionals alike.

HardySnap Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
3-10 days*

Our HardySnap Hidden Fastener Standing Seam Panel uses concealed fasteners attached to the nail fin. It comes in standard 26-gauge steel but can be customized to 24 or 22-gauge steel for an extra cost. This panel can be installed on slopes with a pitch greater than 3/12 and includes a lifetime paint and steel warranty.

Hardy Clip Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
Approx. 1-2 weeks*

Our HardyClip Standing Seam Panel is a 1-1/4″ snap-lock standing seam panel attached with clips. It reduces oil canning by allowing panel movement. Available in 26 or 24-gauge steel for enhanced strength. Suitable for slopes greater than 3/12 pitch. Features lifetime paint and steel warranty.

Hardy Loc Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
Approx. 2-4 weeks*

Ideal for low slope roofs, our Hardy Loc Standing Seam Panel is a 1-1/2″ mechanical lock standing seam panel. It uses clips and is seamed with a power or manual seaming tool, allowing for a single or double fold. This system can be installed on roofs with as little as a 1/2:12 pitch using a single seaming machine or a 0:12 pitch with a double seaming machine. It also comes with a lifetime paint and steel warranty.

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