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Metal Roofing Panels

Exposed Fastener Panels

Exposed fastener metal roofing panels like Hardy Rib and Econo Rib are simpler to install than hidden fastener metal roofing panels.

Both the Hardy Rib and Econo Rib Panel profiles are made at our Burton, MI plant.

Hardy Rib Exposed Fastener Panels
On Sale For $0.73 Sq. Ft.


Current Lead Time: 1-2 business days*

Our Most Popular Metal Roofing Panel!

The Hardy Rib Premium Panel is an exposed fastener panel and is on sale for just $0.73/Sq. Ft. for any standard color, making it the same or even less than asphalt shingles. We stock (in coil form) 16 colors for the Hardy Rib Premium Panel.

This panel has a 40-yr. paint and lifetime steel warranty.

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Econo Rib Exposed Fastener Panels
As low as $0.53/Sq. Ft.

Current Lead Time: 1-2 business days*

Our Most Economical Metal Roofing Panel.

The EconoRib Panel is an exposed fastener panel and as low as $0.53/Sq. Ft. Making it very affordable as a roofing, siding, or interior liner option for your barn or garage. We stock (in coil form) Galvalume®/Unpainted and Bright White for the EconoRib Panel.


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Hidden Fastener Panels

Hidden fastener metal roofing panels have a “cleaner look,” but do require additional finishing skills and take longer to install.

All three of our Hardy Standing Seam profiles are made at our Plymouth, MI plant.

HardySnap Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors: 5-10 business days*

The Most Common Standing Seam Panel.

Our HardySnap Standing Seam Panel is just $1.50/Sq.Ft. for 26 gauge steel. This panel is attached with fasteners that are concealed under the panel and attached at the nail fin. This panel is made standard with 26 gauge steel but we can make this panel in 24 gauge steel for an additional cost.

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Hardy Clip Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors: 5-10 business days*

Our HardyClip Standing Seam Panel is just $1.50/Sq.Ft. for 26 gauge steel. This 1-1/4″ integral snap-lock standing seam panel is attached with clips. This reduces oil canning because it leaves the panel room to expand and contract. We offer this panel in 26 or 24 gauge steel to reduce oil canning further, along with creating a stronger panel. This panel can be installed on slopes greater than a 2/12 pitch.

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Hardy Loc Standing Seam

 Lead Time for In-Stock Colors: 10-20 business days*

Our HardyLoc Standing Seam Panel is just $1.50/Sq.Ft. for 26 gauge steel. This 1-1/2″ mechanical lock standing seam panel is attached with clips and seamed with a power or manual seaming tool that makes a single fold or a double fold. This makes the Hardy Loc panel system able to be installed on roofs with extremely low pitches, 1/2:12 with a single seaming machine or 0:12 with a double seaming machine. This panel has a lifetime paint and steel warranty.

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We can also manufacture Aluminum Standing Seam roofing panels. Call for details.

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Additional Metal Roofing Panel Profiles

The profiles below are made by other metal panel manufacturing companies and have a $500 minimum order requirement to purchase them, along with having an average lead time of 1-6 weeks depending on the particular profile.

Please call customer service for current pricing and specific lead times for the panel profile you are interested in.

PBR/R Panel (Commercial)

PBR/R panel is a low-profile roofing and wall panel that can be applied over open framing or solid substrate.

Lead time 3-10 days

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A simple profile with an aesthetic that is versatile enough for both roofing and wall projects.

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5V Crimp

The tried and true 5V Crimp offers a traditional look that has become popular for many applications.

Lead Time 1-2 weeks

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Rustic Trail

The Rustic Trail panel has a unique weathered look, partnered with high quality making this panel a favorite in the industry.

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PBC metal panels provide easy installation and can be used on multiple building types for professionals.

Lead Time 2-3 weeks

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Retro – R®

For builders, increasing the life of an existing roof is accomplished with the cost effective Retro-R metal panel.

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A classic panel design with a functional profile that provides high quality and outstanding durability.

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With its robust design, Perma-Clad stands out as the optimal panel choice for almost any project.

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A high quality metal panel that offers a uniform, low margin look for any building project.

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A panel that offers building professionals the unique look they want along with the quality and performance they require.

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Regal Rib sets the standard for quality in a metal panel and provides unprecedented performance year after year.

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The Rugged Rib panel, as its name suggests, gives roofs an appearance that conveys durability and strength.

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Designed with bold curves and uncompromising strength, the 2 ½ Corrugated panel provides a traditional metal roof and wall aesthetic.

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In-Stock at both Locations

  32 Gauge | Length 10′

The 1 ¼ Corrugated metal panel is the preferred option for professionals with its traditional metal roof appeal.

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*Lead times are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed. 

Minimum order requirements may apply.

Lead time does not include delivery to job site.