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Metal Roofing Panels

Mid Michigan Metal Sales Manufactured Exposed Fastener Panels

Install exposed fastener metal roofing panels like Hardy Rib and Econo Rib for an easier and straightforward installation compared to hidden fastener panels. Boost your roofing experience!

Hardy Rib Exposed Fastener Panels

Current Lead Time: 1-3 business days* Introducing the Hardy Rib Premium Panel - the go-to choice for metal roofing panels! This exposed fastener panel is crafted from premium 29-gauge steel and costs the same or less than asphalt shingles. With 16 vibrant colors in stock, it's a testament to style and durability. Plus, it comes with a 40-year paint and lifetime steel warranty!

Econo Rib Exposed Fastener Panels

Current Lead Time: 3-7 business days* Our most budget-friendly metal roofing panel. This exposed fastener economy panel is perfect for your barn, garage, or any other project where affordability is key. Available in Galvalume®/Unpainted and Bright White, we have it in stock now!

Mid Michigan Metal Sales Manufactured Hidden Fastener Panels

Hidden fastener metal roofing panels offer a sleek appearance, although they require additional finishing expertise and installation time.

HardySnap Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
3-10 days*

The HardySnap Hidden Fastener Standing Seam Panel - the go-to choice for hidden fastener panels. With concealed fasteners and a nail fin attachment, this panel guarantees a seamless look. Choose from 26, 24, or 22 gauge steel options at an additional cost. With installation possible on slopes greater than a 3/12 pitch, this panel comes with a lifetime paint and steel warranty. Upgrade your project with the HardySnap Hidden Fastener Panel today!

Hardy Clip Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
Approx. 1-2 weeks*

Introducing the HardyClip Standing Seam Panel - a 1-1/4″ integral snap-lock panel attached with clips. No more worries about oil canning as this design allows room for expansion and contraction. Choose from 26 or 24-gauge steel for added strength and reduced oil canning. With installation possible on slopes greater than 3/12 pitch, this panel comes with a lifetime paint and steel warranty.

Hardy Loc Standing Seam

Lead Time for In-Stock Colors:
Approx. 2-4 weeks*

Perfect for low slope roofs, this 1-1/2″ mechanical lock standing seam panel is attached with clips and seamed effortlessly using a power or manual seaming tool. With just a single or double fold, you can install the Hardy Loc panel system on roofs with extremely low pitches - 1/2:12 with a single seaming machine or 0:12 with a double seaming machine. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime paint and steel warranty!

Painted & Stone Coated Steel Shingles | PBR Commercial Panel

Check out these profiles from various metal profile manufacturing companies! They have an average lead time of 1-20+ days based on the specific profile. For exact lead times, call 800-615-8416.

Roser Roofing Systems

Since 1978, Roser has emerged as a leading manufacturer of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems, dominating the global market in residential and commercial sectors. Roser offers a wide range of styles and colors for their stone-coated roofing systems. Their products are lightweight, energy-efficient, and easy to install, making Roser the ideal choice for your new stone-coated steel roof!

Unified Steel Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Unified Steel Roofing offers an exciting range of stone coated steel shingles in five unique profiles. From the graceful curves of the BARREL-VAULT Tile and PACIFIC Tile, to the deep wood grain of the PINE-CREST Shake, the sleek profile of the GRANITE-RIDGE Shingle, and the timeless beauty of the COTTAGE Shingle.

EDCO® Permanent Metal Roofing

Since 1946, EDCO has revolutionized siding and roofing with unparalleled innovation and top-notch quality. EDCO is renowned for its exceptional steel roofs and siding products that deliver time and energy savings, while exuding enduring beauty and consistency.

PBR/R Panel (Commercial)

The PBR/R panel is a versatile roofing and wall option that can be installed over open framing or solid substrate, even on low roof slopes as low as a 1/2:12! Upgrade your project with this low-profile panel!
Lead time 7-14 days

METSTAR® Steel Shingles

Metal roofing is the future of roofing! Discover Metstar's smooth metal roofing technology for the best roofing solution, backed by a lifetime warranty!
3 colors In-Stock
(4-7 day lead time depending on Trims needed)

Call (800) 615-8416 for all your Metal Roofing Needs.

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