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Hardy Clip Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

View the Color Chart (PDF)

  • Concealed fasteners for a “clean” look
  • Integral Snap-Lock Standing Seam.
  • Can be made in lengths from 2 foot to 35 foot.
  • 26 gauge steel in-stock Colors: Classic Green, Matte Black, Charcoal, Burnished Slate, and Galvalume®.
  • Available in a total of 32 colors. (See color chart/matrix)
  • 24 gauge premium steel w/Kynar® paint and 26 gauge premium steel w/Textured Paint available.
  • Limited Lifetime Paint and Steel Warranty on 26 gauge and 24 gauge painted steel products.
  • Current Lead Time for Stocked Colors 1-3 weeks. (Plymouth location pickup)
  • Current Lead time for special order colors 3-6 weeks. (Plymouth location pickup.)

hardyclipThe Hardy Clip standing seam metal roofing panel is available in an array of colors, created to make any home the envy of the community. Our standing seam panels can be site-formed, rather than pre-formed. Many, or even the majority of standing seam panels available today are pre-formed, which means they’re produced in a factory and then are delivered to the customer. Our panels can be site-formed. We are the manufacturer. Your individual panels are made to order in house and cut to the inch, making sure that your panels will be the right size, fit, and color match. Hardy Rib panels, Hardy Snap panels, and Hardy Loc panels are likewise ran in house and cut to the inch so that you can be certain that what you order is just what you get.


Our Hardy Clip standing Seam Panel is a hidden fastener standing seam panel attached with clips. Unlike the 1″ standing seam panels commonly available to the residential market that have a nail fin for attaching the panel to the deck. Our 1-1/4″ integral snap-lock standing seam panel is attached with clips. This reduces oil canning because it leaves the panel room to expand and contract. You can upgrade to use 24 gauge steel to reduce oil canning further, along with creating a stronger panel. This panel can be installed on slopes greater than a 2/12 pitch.

Lead Time/Availability: 1-3 weeks.


Profile Specs.

  • Made standard with 26 gauge premium Steel
  • Limited Lifetime Paint & Steel Warranty.
  • Minor ribs decrease oil canning and telegraphing
  • Integral Snap-Lock Standing Seam
  • Secured with clips
  • Residential and Light Commercial Application.
  • 24 gauge steel w/Kynar® paint and 26 gauge steel w/Textured Paint available.
  • Used on roofs with pitches of 2/12 or above

Textured Paint 26 gauge Steel

TEXTURED is a unique textured finish that provides a new level of visual depth, dimension, and durability resulting in improved performance visual enhancement over traditional painted surfaces. TEXTURED coating has been formulated and designed to provide dimensional to the surface, thereby diffusing and redirecting light to provide an appealing look while reducing the appearance of oil-canning.

TEXTURED has been developed to provide a more durable surface and enhanced resistance to scratching and scuffing common with low gloss or matte finishes while maintaining the same excellent film integrity, weathering performance and resistance to chalking and fading that ULTRA-CLAD is known for.

Technical Details

  • Rich, deep, appealing visual appearance.
  • Unique textured finish reduces the appearance of oil-canning.
  • Enhanced durability. More scratch-resistant finish.
  • Limited Lifetime Paint and Steel Warranty.
  • Available in thirteen (13) colors.

To view the Textured Paint Color Chart Click Here. 

View the available trims (PDF)


We also offer Aluminum Standing Seam roofing panels. Call for details.

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