Dewitt’s Roof Shield Poly Pro High Temp Ice and Water Shield

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  • Coverage: 195 Sq.Ft.
  • High Temp Ice Shield 250 degree rated
  • Non Granualted
  • Roll size 36 inches x 65 foot
  • Mil thickness: 40 mils
  • Dewitts’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • ASTM D 1970 ICBO# 4887


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DeWitt’s “Poly Pro High Temp (HT) is a 250° rated, self-adhesive underlayment designed for METAL, but can be used with multiple roofing systems. It is composed of a fiberglass and super strong polyester mat, coated with a high tack rubberized asphalt that enables it to seal nails, screws and other fasteners. The backer is a siliconized split sheet for a E-Z Release.


  1. POLY GRIP no loose granules
  2. POLY STRENGTH non-tearable
    3. POLY SMOOTH strong over- laps
  3. POLY LITE 30% lighter
    5. POLY SEAL-better sealing, “Poly Pro HT” is an excellent underlayment for METAL shingles, slate, concrete and tile roofs. Excellent as a valley underlayment and around skylights. “Poly Pro HT” helps eliminate water back-up from storm or ice back-ups.


  1. Check building codes on insulation and ventilation design.
  2. Remove dust, dirt, loose nails, etc. and apply directly to dry surface. (Re-roofing: remove all shingles, felts and nails to expose surface).
  3. Cut “Poly Pro HT” into 10′ – 15′ lengths and re-roll.
  4. Drip edge may be installed over or under the membrane at the eaves, and over the membrane at rake edges.
  5. Position first course parallel to and abutting the eave. Fold back upper half of cut length (showing split film backing) and remove backing on upper half. Press tacky surface to deck.
  6. Fold back lower half of cut roll removing lower half film backing and press tacky surface to deck. Note: Do not fold over eave edge unless covered with flashing, facia or metal work.
  7. End laps must be at least 6″. Overlap and side laps at least 3″.

Valley Application: Apply “Poly Pro HT” in valley first, starting at low point and work upwards.

Concrete: Apply DeWitt’s asphalt primer first, let dry, apply underlayment. 4-12 Pitch or Greater: “Poly Pro HT” should be 24″ above the juncture of roof deck and exterior wall.

Low Slope Roofs: Additional coverage may be required.

1. For best results apply “Poly Pro HT” only in fair weather when ambient temperatures exceed (5°C) 40° F.
2. “Poly Pro HT” should not be left more than 60 days exposed to sunlight.
3. Store under cover away from direct sunlight and not over 100° F.

Read before use. Refer to SDS for additional information.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause skin cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Repeated skin contact with rubberized asphalt may result in slight imitation. Prolonged contact with petroleum oil in rubberized asphalt may increase risk of skin cancer. Eye contact with residue on hands may case imitation.

DeWitt’s limited life time warranty is equal in duration to the shingle manufacturer’s warranty. DeWitt’s will replace or refund the original purchase of the underlayment found by DeWitt’s to be defective upon proof of purchase.