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Midwest Offset Straight Cut Avi Snip (Yellow)- MWT-6510S

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  • Midwest Snips
  • Straight Cut Offset Aviation Snip.
  • Model #: MWT-6510S
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Cutting Capacity 18ga. cold-rolled sheet metal, 22ga Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Due to the current lead times, the manufacturer is experiencing, only a quantity of six (6) or less of this item may be purchased per customer billing/shipping address per month. 

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Out of stock

MIDWEST® Offset Straight Aviation Snips flow material away from blades and position user’s hand above material for best maneuverability cutting full sheets with extra cut length. Use in either hand.

Offset aviation snips cut Pinch-Thru-point, requiring fewer rebites and accurate trim cuts. Offset blades channel sharp material edges away from users hand allowing for easier long cuts. blade pivot bolt is threaded into bottom blade keeping blades in adjustment for ease of operation. Makes straight cuts & wide left and right cuts thru thick material. Bottom blade is serrated in order to grip material. Kush’n-Power grips comfort the users hands and reduce fatigue. Made in the USA.

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