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High Temp Silicone Pipe Boot Flashings (Round)


•Silicone High Temp Pipe Boot

•Color: Dark Gray

•Rated for up to 500°F

•Pipe Sizes 0.25in-19in

Brand: Aztec Washer Company

$8 Flat Shipping on Pipe Boots. No Matter the quantity!



Dark Gray Silicone High-Temperature Pipe Boot Flashing for Metal Roofing.

Rated for pipes up to 500°F
Pipe Sizes 0.25in-19″ (See below for corresponding # to size)

ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE OZONE AND UV PROTECTION Flashings are made of Silicone, and are designed for maximum resistance to all weather conditions.
ON-SITE CUSTOMIZATION Pipe diameters can be seen clearly for proper fitting.
ADAPTABLE BASEThe base is designed to mold to most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location.
ALL AROUND DESIGN EXCELLENCE This universal flashing has been designed to fit virtually all panel configurations. Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction. Easy on-site customization can accommodate all normal installations.

#3: 0.25in-5in Dark Gray
#4: 3in-6.5in Dark Gray
#5: 4.25in-7.75in Dark Gray
#6: 5in-9in Dark Gray 
#7: 6in-11in Dark Gray
#8: 7in-13in Dark Gray
#9: 9in-19in Dark Gray
*Color of boots shown in pictures will vary from actual product due to variations in computer screens and other factors.


Additional Information:

Pipe Boot Size Chart (.pdf opens in new tab)- Click here

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