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Retrofit EPDM Pipe Boot Flashing (Round)

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2 sizes (#1, #2)

  • #1: 3/4″ to 2-3/4″
  • #2: 2″ to 7-1/4 Pipes 

Used For Going Around Electrical Poles Through Your Roof

Not Used For Single Wall Heat Pipes

Brand: Aztec Washer Company

$8 Flat Shipping on Pipe Boots. No Matter the quantity!

  • The Standard Retrofit Master Flash® is designed to seal existing pipes/vents where a standard pullover flashing cannot be assembled.  
  • A simple solution to flashing a penetration through a metal roof that requires a wrap-around existing or hard to reach penetration Installation. 
  • 2 sizes (#1, #2)
  • #1: 3/4″ to 2-3/4″
  • #2: 2″ to 7-1/4 Pipes 
  • Made of Light Gray EPDM Rubber, for maximum resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone corrosion.  
  • It comes with a Stainless-steel clamp/gripper instead of many small rivets.

Additional Information:

Pipe Boot Size Chart (.pdf opens in new tab)- Click here

Aztec Washer Company Roof Pitch Calculator for Pipe Boot Model (opens in new tab)- Click here