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The Slator – An Important Safety Tool

Slator Roof BracketI am always searching for new, quality products to help fellow roofers and contractors in general. I just came across something that seems ideal.

It’s called The Slator. Since our company deals mostly with metal roofing, I haven’t yet figured out a way for us to use this, but if you install shingles or slate roofing, you might find this useful.

SLATOR and SLATOR-mini are roofing tools, essentially roofing brackets, that allows you to quickly and securely fasten a ladder to a slate or asphalt shingle roof. They help you to replace broken slate more quickly without having to set up multiple slate roof brackets or use ladder hooks and chicken ladders.

They were obviously designed with professional roofers in mind, but a do-it-yourselfer would probably find them even more useful, since you probably won’t have many of the other safety tools that the pros use.

You can see it at

Let me know what you think.

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