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Mid Michigan Metal Sales offers the traditional K-Style gutter in 5″ and 6″ sizes. Make your new steel roofing or siding project complete with steel gutters. Made standard from #1 premium steel in 29 gauge. Looking for thicker steel or different type of metal? We can handle that too. We can also manufacture K-style steel gutters in 26 and 24 gauge steel, .032 Aluminium or Copper. (Minimum order requirements apply)

Traditionally K-style gutter systems are made from thin aluminum. If you are living in snow country when your steel roof sheds the snow it will also take the thin aluminum gutters with it. When you upgrade to our steel gutter system that problem is no more. Steel gutter systems have been used on commercial and industrial buildings for decades. Now you can get the same strength as a commercial or industrial gutter system with the look of a traditional K-style gutter system. We carry all the parts to complete the gutter system including steel hidden hangers, steel end caps, steel box miters, Aluminium downspouts, and Aluminium elbows.

Both 5″ and 6″ gutters are available in all stocked 29 gauge colors in 10′ and 12′ sizes. If you are looking for a seamless gutter we can do that too. 5″ or 6″ Seamless gutters are made from 29 gauge white steel up to 50′ long.



  • Classic look with the strength of steel.
  • Made standard in 29 gauge Galvalume® Steel
  • 29 gauge White 5″ or 6″ K-style made up to 50 feet long. (Lengths over 20′ are pickup only)
  • Also can be made from 26 and 24 gauge steel, .032 aluminum, and Copper. (Minimum order requirements apply)
  • Available in any of our 50+ colors.* (Minimum order requirements apply)
  • White and Paintable Steel End Caps
  • Paintable Inside and Outside Miters
  • 2″x3″ Downpipes and downpipe elbows stocked in white aluminum.
  • 3″x4″ Downpipes and downpipe elbows stocked in white aluminum. (Colored Steel downpipes available by special order*)


To view our Standard color chart Click Here.


** Please call to confirm the current stock.

*Availability and minimum order requirements may apply for any non-stocked colors.


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