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Roof Leak Repair – How To Find A Roof Leak

Roof Leak RepairOne of the most difficult parts of roof leak repair in your home is finding exactly where the leak is.

Finding the actual spot where the roof leaks are can be very difficult since the water can enter your roof in one place but run down to other places before it soaks into your ceiling. You are aware that your roof is bad whenever its shingles are damaged or missing or when there is the presence of water stains in your walls or ceilings. This is the reason why you need to find the time and effort to determine the most effective means of finding and fixing the actual leak.

Here are some of the things you need to consider in finding a roof leak in your house or place of business:

Look for Roof Penetrations

Start searching for roof penetrations since these are the most common sources of leaks. These penetrations can be seen around plumbing vents, dormers, chimneys or any part that penetrates or exits your roof. These can be several feet above your roof’s leak on either the left or right side.

Search for Leak Signs

The sight and sound of dripping water is an obvious indication that a leak is already present in your house. There are several other leak signs you need to consider such as wet floor, stained and discolored patches, peeling paint and unexplained bulges inside your house. You might also smell musty odor in your house after a rain.

Take a Look At The Attic Area

Since the attic is directly beneath the roof, this is obviously the first place water will collect. You need to have access to the attic area if you really want to look for leaks in your roofs. Take a flashlight and search every little nook and cranny for evidence of any moisture. Look for evidence of leaks such as black mold or marks, water stains and all other liquid penetration signs.

#On a side note, what exactly is a cranny, anyway? For that matter, what’s a nook? 🙄 

Checking Your Roof

Check out your roof especially during the rainy season and determine in what particular area of your house the water is dripping. You can look for moisture damages and other signs where leaks may be possibly seen. This process also allows you to check other areas of your roof that includes its ridge cap, flashing areas, boots, and gaskets around its pipe, shingles, downspouts and gutters as well as the dormer valleys.

Ask for Other Person’s Assistance

It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you are finding it difficult in finding the leak in your roof and you don’t want to wait for the rainy season, you need to ask a friend or other person for their help. One of you can go up on your roof with a water hose while the other goes in the attic. A cell phone is helpful for this. Start spraying water on your roof one area at a time and determine where water is coming in. Let the hose run for a few minutes to allow time to tell if the dripping is visible or not. This process needs a lot of patience in order to determine the exact location of the leak.

These are just a few important tips you need to consider to find leaks in your roof. A roof leak repair can be tricky at times, but with a little patience and determination, you can not only find your roof leak, but also determine the best way to fix it.

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