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7 in. Aluminum Speed Square


  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum
  • Angle, hip/valley, top/common cut, and inch markings
  • Broad foot aligns square and slides along board edge
  • All-in-one rafter angle square, tri-square, and protractor
  • Includes rafter layout and reference guide

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Contractors, Homeowners and DIYers will find nearly unlimited uses for the TEKTON 7 in. Aluminum Quick Square. It features an all-in-one design that includes a rafter angle square, a tri-square, and a protractor and it can even be used as a saw guide. Quick Square is constructed from rugged, heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum with a broad foot to align square and slide easily along board edges. Markings on the square include angle, hip/valley, top/common cut and inch. A rafter layout and reference guide is included.

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