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Our Current Price Sheets

Please download our current price lists below.

Please check back often. The prices outlined in the price sheets are subject to change at anytime.

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Below are the current Wholesale Price Sheets. 

Semi-truckload (15,000+ lin. ft. of panels) orders of HardyRib, EconoRib, or Hardy Standing Seam will have additional discounts. Please call or email to discuss projects totaling more than 15,000 lin. ft of panels.

HardyRib Price list. Effective 3-7-17 Click Here.

Hardy Standing Seam Price List. Effective 2-20-17 Click Here.


Special Order Product Price Sheets are below. Orders over 100 Sq. may have additional discounts. 

EDCO Products Painted Steel Shingle. Effective 1-1-17 Click Here.

Metro Stone Coated Steel Shingles. Effective 1-1-17 Click Here.

Decra Stone Coated Steel Shingles Effective 1-1-17

Decra Shingle XD Click Here.

Decra Shake XD Click Here.

Decra Shake Click Here.

Decra Villa Tile Click Here.

Decra Tile Click Here.

Gentek Steel Siding Effective 1-1-17. Click Here. 

Trulog Steel Siding Effective 1-1-17. Click Here.

Additional special order panel profiles are available. Please call for pricing.


Contractors Discount Program

Mid Michigan Metal Sale’s contractor discount program is for any company, school, organization, Government or any other type that is not a human person.

This program is designed to give your company a better competitive edge against your competitors. In turn we expect you to sell and install more steel roofing. The discount percent is progressive and can be lost from inactivity or not enough purchases.

The program is simple and the terms are outlined below.

  1. Discount program is for businesses, schools, farms, organizations, government agencies, or any other type that is not a human person.
  2. Entities must pass the spend threshold of $10,000 within a 6 month period before any discount will be applied.
  3. Your account will be reviewed at least every 3 months and to keep your current discount you will have to meet the spending requirements outlined below.
  4. Discounts are only valid on Hardy Rib, EconoRib, and Hardy Standing Seam panels and trims. Along with any in stock products that go along with the above including, fasteners, caulk, felt, closure strips, etc.
  5. Discounts will not be valid on any special order products including, Decra Stone Coated Shingles, Metro Stone Coated Shingles, EDCO Products, Gentek Steel Siding, TruLog Steel Siding, special order panels, or any other product deemed special order by the sales person at the time of sale.

Discounts are as follows,

$10,000 spent on Hardy Rib, EconoRib, or Standing Seam in a 6 month period 1% discount.

$20,000 in total Hardy Rib, EconoRib, or Standing Seam receipts and spending at least $10,000/3 months 2% discount.

$30,000+ in total Hardy Rib, EconoRib, or Standing Seam receipts and spending at least $15,000/3 months 3% discount.

If you are spending more than $50,000 on Hardy Rib, EconoRib, or Standing Seam in a 3 month period you may receive additional discounts. Additional discount will be based on what products are purchased most often.

If you do not meet the above spending requirements for a period. Your discount will be downgraded to the appropriate spending discount level.

Each enrolled entity will have one quarter waived per year and current discounts won’t be affected.

The contractors discount program was last updated 7-1-2016.

Periods are as follows Qtr1: Jan 1 – March 31, Qtr2: April 1- June 30, Qtr3: July 1-September 30, Qtr4: Oct. 1-Dec. 31

Grandfathered discounts can be lost if above spending requirements are not met.


This page was last updated as of 9/25/2017. Price sheets on this page may be out of date if this page was updated over a month ago. Please call to confirm pricing.






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