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Metal Roofing vs Shingles – The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Decra Metal RoofingWhen considering an upgrade to your home it’s important to evaluate all options in terms of features and benefits to decide what will best fit your needs long term. This is no truer than when selecting the right product to use when replacing a roof.

Many homeowners do not realize that there are other options for roofing besides asphalt and never learn of all the benefits a metal roof can provide. Before making a decision it’s important to consider all the benefits of a metal roof and then you can determine if this is the right choice for your home.

Saves on Energy

When homeowners seek to save on the cost of energy for their home, they usually focus on the obvious areas of windows and doors. However the fact is that the attic is the area of the home responsible for 45% of the energy being lost or transferred. This is why it is vital to choose an Energy Star Rated Roof. When you install metal roofing it will have infrared reflecting paint pigments, which will keep your home much cooler during the hot summer months. To keep it warmer during cold winters you can install any number of insulating products in the attic.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that low-reflectance roof surfaces can rise to temperatures of 150° to 190°F in hot weather and cause an increase in the use of air conditioning and of course raised utility bills. However by installing a cool metal roof that has high reflectance and emissivity the roof can remain up to 70° cooler during the hot summer months than if it was made with traditional materials.

Long Lasting

One of the most important features of metal roofing is its durability and extremely long lifespan. Metal roofing is fabricated to last many decades. Metal roofs made of copper as well as galvanized metal are still functioning well on homes they were installed on over 100 years ago. If you survey the homeowners in your neighborhood you’ll soon find out that about 20 years is all you’ll get from an asphalt roof. Metal roofing is fabricated and designed to last a good 3 to 4 times longer than your typical roof made of asphalt. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you will have fewer problems to deal with and ultimately you will have a higher resale value placed on your home when you decide to refinance or sell.

Highly Wind Resistant

Due to climate change causing extreme weather in many parts of the country, it is critically important to have a roof with the strength to withstand these extremes. Shingles can blow off an asphalt roof in just a mild or moderate windstorm. Because the metal roofing panels are designed to interlock with each other throughout the entire roof, this protects all areas of the roof from any damage in a windstorm.

Improves Curb Appeal

Many homeowners never think about the attractiveness of their roof and how that affects their home’s curb appeal. But when you drive around your neighborhood you will notice that asphalt roofs can show staining and discoloration in as few as five years, which really detracts from the appearance of the home. Metal roofing lasts a lifetime and many come with a long-term paint finish that is guaranteed by the company to maintain a great looking appearance for many years to come.

When choosing a metal roof you will be given a range of options in terms of color and style. No matter what style of home you have, there will be ample choices:

  • Metal Tile Roofing – The look of the old world of terracotta
  • Metal Slate Roofing – Looks just like the real thing, slate but for less money
  • Standing Seam – Offers a wide range of colors to compliment the design of Traditional, Historic and Contemporary homes

When you realize the benefits of metal roofing it makes no sense to consider anything but a beautiful, long-lasting metal roof.

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