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Hardy Loc Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

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  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Can be made in lengths 3′-50′(sizes over 25′ can only be made in 24 or 22 gauge steel & have an additional crating charge)
  • 16″ width panel (Standard width)- 26 and 24 gauge steel
  • Eight 26 gauge Colors in stock.
  • Available in a total of 60 colors. (See color charts/matrix below)
  • UL 790 Fire Resistance Class A
  • UL 2218A Impact Resistance Class 4
  • 24 or 22 gauge premium steel w/Kynar® paint and 26 gauge premium steel w/Textured Paint available. (500 lin. ft min. order)
  • 20″ width panel- 24 & 22 gauge steel and 0.040″ Aluminum. (500 lin. ft min. order)
  • 12″ width panel- 26, 24, & 22 gauge steel and 0.040″ Aluminum. (750 lin. ft min. order)
  • Made standard with Ruler ribs to decrease oil canning and telegraphing
  • Mechanically Seamed System (Must use a manual or mechanical seaming tool to secure panels together.)
  • Mechanical seamers can be rented from Quality Roof Seamer. Click here to learn more
  • Used on roofs with pitches of 0:12 or above
  • Current Lead time approximately 12-16 weeks*











Not all Steel Roofing is Created Equal. Make an Educated decision. Learn more Here.



Our Hardy Loc standing Seam Panel is a mechanically seamed panel. Unlike the Hardy Snap and Hardy Clip standing seam panels our 1-1/2″ mechanical lock standing seam panel is attached with clips and seamed with a power or manual seaming tool that makes a single fold or a double fold. This makes the Hardy Loc panel system able to be installed on roofs with extremely low pitches, 1/2:12 with a single seaming machine or 0:12 with a double seaming machine. Please be aware this panel is not made to be a “beauty” panel it is designed to perform on low or flat roofs and will give an industrial look to houses or commercial buildings.

The Hardy Loc Standing Seam Panel has eight layers of coatings to complete the paint system. It also features an exclusive limited lifetime paint & steel warranty. With the best warranty and paint coatings available in the industry, you will know your home will be protected from the elements for hundreds of years.

All of our Standing Seam Panels come with an exclusive Limited Lifetime Non-Prorated Paint & Steel Warranty. Sample warranty available upon request.

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