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7/8 Wide Rib

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abc_colorchart_thumbCarrying the same profitability and low margin, uniform ribs set the ⅞ Wide-Rib metal panels apart from the other panels. The ⅞ Wide-Rib offers the traditional design of metal roofing with the added benefit of an economical solution.


Panel Attachment – Exposed Fastener Metal Panel
Width – 36″
Rib Height – 7/8″
Gauge – 29 and 26
Finish Type – Siliconized Polyester

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Not all colors are available for each panel. Please view page three (3) of the color chart to verify the color is available in the profile you selected.

1-2 week lead time for arrival from manufacture. Additional lead times may apply.


*Lead times are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed.

Larger orders may have an additional lead time.

Lead time does not include delivery to job site.




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