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Additional Panel Profiles

Additional Metal Roofing Panel Profiles

The profiles below are made by other manufacturing companies and on average have a lead time of 3 days – 3 weeks*.

Please call customer service for pricing and specific lead times for the panel profile you are interested in.

PBR/R Panel (Commercial)

PBR/R panel is a low-profile roofing and wall panel that can be applied over open framing or solid substrate.

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A simple profile with an aesthetic that is versatile enough for both roofing and wall projects.

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5V Crimp

The tried and true 5V Crimp offers a traditional look that has become popular for many applications.

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Rustic Trail

The Rustic Trail panel has a unique weathered look, partnered with high quality making this panel a favorite in the industry.

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PBC metal panels provide easy installation and can be used on multiple building types for professionals.

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Retro – R®

For builders, increasing the life of an existing roof is accomplished with the cost effective Retro-R metal panel.

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A classic panel design with a functional profile that provides high quality and outstanding durability.

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With its robust design, Perma-Clad stands out as the optimal panel choice for almost any project.

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A high quality metal panel that offers a uniform, low margin look for any building project.

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A panel that offers building professionals the unique look they want along with the quality and performance they require.

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Regal Rib sets the standard for quality in a metal panel and provides unprecedented performance year after year.

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The Rugged Rib panel, as its name suggests, gives roofs an appearance that conveys durability and strength.

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Designed with bold curves and uncompromising strength, the 2 ½ Corrugated panel provides a traditional metal roof and wall aesthetic.

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The 1 ¼ Corrugated metal panel is the preferred option for professionals with its traditional metal roof appeal.

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*Lead times are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed. 

Minimum order requirements may apply.

Lead time does not include delivery to job site.

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