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Introducing Metro Roof Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Mid Michigan Metal Sales is proud to introduce Metro Roof Stone Coated Steel Shingles.

MetroCottage ShingleMetro Roof provides stone coated steel shingles in five distinctive roof profiles: there are the elegant curves of Metrotile, the deep wood grain of Metroshake, the smooth finish of Metroshingle, the everlasting beauty of Metroroman, and the multi-blend (HD) accented MetroCottage. The concept of Metro Roof was founded by US steel roofing industry veterans. It has an impressive management record with more than 100 years’ experience in stone-coated steel technology. Metro Roof stands out from its competitors in various areas such as design, accessory designs and warranty. What’s more, the company offers a 50-year limited warranty with each roof.

When contacted, a representative from the company said, “Yes, we have now added Metro Roof stone coated steel shingles to our wide collection of roofing materials. Metro Roof delivers a high quality, reliable product to our customers. In addition, these shingles do not take a long time to be installed and are aesthetically suitable for all types of home architecture.” He further added, “We aim to provide the best quality products and services in our store and we hope our new collection exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

Click here to view the complete press release.

Visit the Metro Roof website here.

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