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Introducing Gentek Steeltek Universal Steel Siding

Gentek Steeltek Universal Steel SidingWe are proud and excited to announce that Mid Michigan Metal Sales has formed a distribution relationship with Gentek Building Products. We are now able to offer Gentek Steeltek Steel Siding to our customers.

Gentek Steeltek Supreme Steel Siding is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality and its visible opulence coupled with the extremely superior quality that it boasts of is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

Features which are built into each of the Gentek Steel Siding products include impact resistance, weather hardiness, low thermal expansion, upscale appearance and a Class A fire rating. In addition, the steel siding is insect resistant and simple to install. The quality of the siding permits a lifetime limited warranty, a 50 year hail warranty and a 15-35 year chalk and color change warranty.

The investment involved in remodeling your home is significant, but usually is a one-time cost. The ability of Gentek siding to enhance the value and curb appeal of the home can make a tremendous difference if you should decide to place your home on the market.

To view the entire press release, click here.

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