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How To Install Metal Shingles Over a Stripped Roof

Decra Metal ShinglesInstalling metal shingles over a stripped or asphalt shingled roof can be a difficult task or project if you are not familiar with roofing. However, when it is completed you will have a beautiful roof that is maintenance free and will last a lifetime time.

Let’s discuss some of the finer points of this type of an installation.

Be sure the metal shingles are properly and accurately aligned. You also need to note that metal contracts and expands according to temperature changes in the atmosphere.

This can affect the installation process. Be aware of this or you will end up installing the metal roof improperly.

It can be adversely affected by thermal movement. This is a movement which causes the shingles to move, causing your roof to leak and can cause other damage as well

In order to avoid these problems you need to follow these steps while installing the metal shingles.

1. Prepare the roof. Start of by cleaning all debris from the roof. After this patch any holes in the deck using ice shield underlayment. This will ensure that your roof surface is clean and flat and ready to work on.

2. Drip edge installation. The second step you need to do is to install drip edges using pancake screws/roofing nails around the edges of the roof. Make sure to overlap the drip edges and trim any drips that may overhang using tin snips.

3. Ice Shield and underlayment material installations. Installing water and ice shields around the roof starting from the drip edges will reduce any build up during harsh changes in temperature. Also apply the polymer based underlayment material in rows allowing it to overlap every few inches to reduce any slippage. Then cap nail in place using a cap nails and be sure and trim excess underlayment using a knife.

4. Now install the metal shingles. Install the metal shingles starting from the drip edge and nail it using roofing nails or pancake screws. After that, lay the shingles upward from the lower corner of the roof and fasten them using the special designed shingle fasteners. Don’t forget to alter the pattern of shingles. Allow gaps against lining up thereby allowing water to collect beneath it.

If you want to install the metal shingles over your roof keep these tips in mind. This will give you the desired outcome which is a perfectly installed roof that will last a lifetime.

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