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Cheap Metal or High-End Shingles | Which Is Better?

Metal Roofing or Ashphalt Shingles?The debate rages on. Which is better, metal or shingles?

When it comes time to replace a roof, there are two trains of thought. Do you want a durable, long lasting replacement or are you just after a quick fix?

Of course it depends on the circumstances, but quite often, people ask if it’s better to install a cheap metal roof or high-end, more expensive shingles, assuming the costs are about the same.

That’s a VERY good question.

Over time, even the best asphalt shingles lose their elasticity and adhesion. When that happens, you have only one choice; replacement. You may be able to replace individual shingles as they wear, but eventually, the whole roof will need replacement.

Metal, on the other hand, has one very big advantage over shingles. Even when it starts to lose its finish or some of the nails or screws become damaged, they can be repaired easily.

Even the cheapest metal roof is almost guaranteed to outlast a shingle roof. And metal is green. Not literally, of course, but when shingles have outlived their usefulness, they usually end up in a landfill. Metal can be and usually is recycled and made new again. That’s good for the environment and the economy.

One last note. Mid Michigan Metal Sales does not sell “cheap” metal. We keep our prices low because our Standing Seam and Hardy Rib panels are all run in-house, eliminating the middleman.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and we will be glad to answer any questions.

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